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Melissa and Joey season 3 episode 7: The Unkindest Cut

Air date

July 10, 8:00-8:30 pm (ET/PT), on ABC Family


Mel learns that Austin does not want to have any children; Joe becomes confused when his new girlfriend only desires a physical relationship; Lennox struggles to write her college entrance paper.

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Mel is taken aback when she finds out that Austin may not share her vision of their future and is resolute in his belief he never wants children. Trying to convince Mel not to give up on her dream of a family, Joe introduces her to the neighbor’s baby (Melissa Joan Hart’s real life son Tucker). Meanwhile, Joe’s new girlfriend is only interested in a physical connection, which leaves him confused and wanting more in the relationship. And, Lennox can’t motivate herself to write her college entrance paper, so she hires Ryder to be her full time babysitter until she does.

“Melissa and Joey” stars Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence, Taylor Spreitler and Nick Robinson, and is executive-produced by Bob Young & David Kendall, Paula Hart, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.

Melissa Joan Hart’s Real Life Son Appears

Baby Daddy season 2 episode 7: On The Lamb-y

Air date

July 10, 8:30-9:00 pm (ET/PT), on ABC Family


Ben plots a rescue mission when he believes his upstairs neighbor has Emma’s favorite stuffed animal; Riley hosts a book club, but things don’t go as planned when her mother and Bonnie invite themselves to the meeting.

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In the episode titled “On The Lamb-y,” Ben, Danny and Tucker band together to rescue Emma’s missing stuffed animal. Meanwhile, Riley hosts a book club in an effort to make friends with the cool girls at work. When her mom, Jennifer (guest star Caroline Rhea), and Bonnie get wind of her plans, they invite themselves. Much to Riley’s dismay, the ladies’ long-standing rivalry erupts during the club meeting.

“Baby Daddy” stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau (“Kyle XY”), Derek Theler (“90210″), Tahj Mowry (“The Game”) with Melissa Peterman (“Reba”) and Chelsea Kane (“Dancing with the Stars,” “Jonas LA”). The series is created and executive produced by Dan Berendsen (“The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie”). “Baby Daddy” is a multi-camera comedy that shoots in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles. les.

Guest star Caroline Rhea (“Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”) and Kelly Stables (“The Exes,” “Greek”)



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